Sustainability assessment

Whether you are starting, or have already set out on the sustainability journey, it’s important to take stock and set priorities for future initiatives.  A sustainability assessment creates a baseline using performance metrics that are relevant to your organisation.  This enables you to identify where effort should be invested to ensure the best return.

Sustained Consulting provides a qualitative and quantitative assessment of a company’s current sustainability performance.

Sustainability reporting

A challenge that all organisations face is how they report results to stakeholders.  Embarking on the sustainability challenge presents new problems with that challenge.

Sustained uses the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) (a voluntary global sustainability reporting standard) framework to craft sustainability reports that provide metrics that are relevant to your company, and conform to the global standard.  The GRI framework is robust, and is being used by thousands of companies worldwide.  The framework can be applied to large corporations as well as small businesses. Use of the framework ensures that all appropriate information is included, and helps to choose appropriate metrics to report against.

Carbon footprint assessment

Sustained consulting can produce a separate assessment and report on your organisation’s carbon footprint, or this can be produced as part of an integrated sustainability report.

Strategy development

Sustained Consulting will help you develop a structured, strategic approach to sustainability, that is aligned with, and integrated into your overall business strategy.