Hi, I'm David Laing—the owner of Sustained Consulting. 

I am increasingly concerned about the future of our society, and, in particular, the world my son and his descendants will inhabit. There are a series of crises unfolding, each of which has the potential to devastate our planet: 

  • Peak oil - and a growing number of other critical "peak" resources. 
  • A massive loss of species of plants and animals. 
  • Climate change, which has already started to disrupt food supplies and impact on the availability of fresh water around the world.

I try to tread lightly on the world. I’ve reduced my consumption of meat, I don’t own a car, and I run my laptop from a solar panel.

To increase my reach and influence on business, I set up Sustained Consulting.

I'm passionate about helping businesses to flourish by making the best use of their resources. Whether this is about using resources efficiently, engaging with your community or reducing risk, Sustained Consulting will save you time and money. 

I understand what it takes to grow a good business. I have an MBA and fifteen years of leadership experience. Amongst others, I’ve worked in a mining consultancy, for a software vendor, and for large technology services providers. 

I have a wealth of eclectic knowledge and experience, read widely and I enjoy making connections between different ideas and concepts.

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